Her Story

Build Her Wealth is a brand created to represent and support our state-of-the-art women. We embody the woman working on her investing life through her thoughts, to the woman steady on her way to owning multiple properties. Build Her Wealth stands as a platform that is available to the woman looking to learn how she can shape a wealthy life to include her health, knowledge, spirituality, finances and her real estate investments.                      

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan           Founder of Build Her Wealth

Michelle Morgan created Build Her Wealth in Toronto, Canada as a branch of her real estate practice. It became clear to Michelle that helping women achieve their financial goals through real estate was fulfilling and much needed on a widespread scale.  She began hosting Wealth & Wine Events and inviting ladies to come to her education based seminars to receive helpful information, encourage their financial futures, create passive income and empower their goals.

Professionally, Michelle began using the help of experts, mentors and coaches connected within the industry to help assist the Build Her Wealth audience. The goal is to help women in any stage of the process, to move past their glass ceiling. Beginners who need guidance and assistance with saving up for their investments can receive information on building credit and basic money budgeting skills from our mortgage broker and financial planning experts. For the professional investor, experts available are real estate lawyers, accountants, property managers, home inspectors, builders, contractors and more.

At Build Her Wealth, we understand that the more control you have on your finances, the more confident, happy and healthy you are. Better relationships are built, and most importantly, your mindset remains open to more great opportunities. We look forward to helping assist in continued growth and exciting futures!

Wealth = mind, body, soul, & lifestyle